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Owner of 3 Magazines and PlayBoy Published

Surreal MAG making big waves in modern beauty and fashion scene

Spearheaded by popular model Hillary Richmond, Surreal MAG is fast becoming the go-to fashion, fitness, and lifestyle magazine.

Talk about the most buzzing fashion magazine today and Surreal Mag is sure to be on the top list. Owned by former model Hillary Richmond, the magazine is fast making a strong impression with its premium and out-of-the-box contents about the beauty and fashion world.

A major factor that keeps Surreal MAG ahead of the curve is its world-class presentation. The company is backed by an army of highly talented creative professionals, journalists, graphic artists, and layout designers who help to churn out industry-leading publications.

My works and my life

Surreal MAG has covered a bunch of domes of the most notable artists and models over the months. Some of the most popular names featured by the magazine include Plastic Martyr, Erika Eleniak, Makenzie Westmore and many more known artists.


About the Editor In Chief of Surreal MAG

Surreal MAG is currently owned  by former model Hillary Richmond. Based in Cookeville, TN, Hillary is a popular name in the modeling world and has been a published model  for SURREAL MAG twice. Later on, she took over the reins of CEO and scaled up the magazine and the SURREAL Brand to new heights in just a year.